Kennedy Eubanks 


Coach Kennedy Eubanks' life has been intricately woven with the sport of basketball from its very inception. His journey commenced on the courts of Carson-Newman University, where he embarked on his collegiate basketball voyage. Following a stint at Jacksonville College in Junior college, Eubanks orchestrated a transfer to Tennessee State University, further refining his skills. His odyssey culminated with a graduation from the University of Texas Arlington, where he earned a degree in communications.

In 2016, the allure of basketball carried Coach Eubanks to the professional courts of Spain, where he showcased his prowess. As the years flowed by, he seamlessly transitioned from a player to a mentor, venturing into coaching roles in the vibrant cities of Beijing and Shenzhen in China. Concurrently, he undertook the role of head coach at Highlands Christian High School, guiding and nurturing the talents of young and aspiring players. Eubanks' life, which had been characterized by his unyielding passion for basketball, had come full circle as he seamlessly interwove his journey as a player into his role as a respected coach.

Coach Eubanks


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