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Hailing from the vibrant basketball scene of New York, Coach Tyler McCleese's journey through the sport has been etched in the storied courts of his hometown. With places like the iconic Rucker Park and the revered West 4th Street Courts as his training grounds, he honed his skills and developed an unparalleled understanding of the game. This upbringing laid the foundation for his enduring passion for basketball. Transitioning from those legendary courts to college basketball, McCleese seamlessly carried his prowess onto higher platforms, where he not only showcased his talent but also embraced the role of a mentor.

As his own journey flourished, Coach Tyler recognized the significance of imparting his knowledge to others. With an innate ability to dissect the intricacies of the game both mentally and physically, he found himself naturally gravitating towards teaching. This inclination led him to establish his influential brand, Tyler the Ambition. Through this platform, he has imparted his insights to both seasoned professionals and budding high school prospects. Now, his collaboration with Level Up stands as a significant stride in player development, as Coach Tyler's expertise adds a potent dimension to the holistic growth of athletes under his guidance.

Coach Tyler


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